Hot selling automatic high current generator, output current 0-1000A

Main technical parameters1.Rated capacity: 3kVA2.Output current I: AC 0-1000A, 0-3V Output current I: AC 0-500A, 0-6V3.Voltage measurement accuracy: 1%FS + 3digits4.Current measurement accuracy: 1%FS + 3digits5.Time: 0~9999 S6.Supply voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz + 1 HzAdvantageCurrent, voltage, time, status informa

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Main technical parameters
1.Rated capacity: 3kVA
2.Output current I: AC 0-1000A, 0-3V
 Output current I: AC 0-500A, 0-6V
3.Voltage measurement accuracy: 1%FS + 3digits
4.Current measurement accuracy: 1%FS + 3digits
5.Time: 0~9999 S
6.Supply voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz + 1 Hz

Hot Sale Full Auto Strong Current Generator, Output Current 0-1000A
  1. Current, voltage, time, status information and prompt information and other large screen LCD display, reading is clear and intuitive;
  2. All English interface, simple operation, and suitable for a variety of applications
  3. Touch button operation, all functions can be set by button to improve the safety and reliability.
  4.  All digital calibration methods which reject old potentiometer adjustment, it is extremely convenient to use at field, and test accuracy is easy to control;
  5.  Operation reminder function, guided operation, you can also skillfully manipulate without operating instructions;
  6. In the test process, the screen has flashing high voltage symbol display, always remind the operator to pay attention to safety;
  7.  Display test result which can automatically judge test result ( passed or failed);
  8. Sound discrimination, when test passes fails, the equipment will send out different alarm sound, and test personnel can directly distinguish the test result as per alarm sound;
  9.  Pause function, when automatic control, this function can be achieved at any point of current up / down, pause time can be flexibly mastered by test personnel, easy to observe the condition of test sample;
  10. Test time can be arbitrarily set form 0 ~ 9999 seconds (minute);
  11. Automatic timing function, automatic control, when the current automatically rises to the set value, automatic start time, when the time to show the test results, the device automatically back to zero;
  12. Manual timing function, manual control, the timer can be manually started, when test time up, the device automatically back to zero;
  13. Manual control mode, this mode is similar to the electric mode: up,down, increase /decrease by the button control, equipment automatically determine the upper / lower limit, over-current protection function, manual control of the whole test process, according to the needs of operation;
  14. Stop / emergency button, manual recovery;
  15. Current rise and fall speed intelligent control, when voltage close to the target voltage, the speed of the boost will automatically slow down;
  16. Communication, optional communication function, combined with our company's  professional design of control software, remote control and data monitoring. The control software has many practical functions, such as data record, data management, current / voltage time curve, report form and so on. It can be used in some unattended tests;
  17. When over-current or other failures, immediate protection, accurate and reliable;
  18. The use of hardware and software anti-interference technology combination, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, the test will not appear crash, black screen, flower screen and other anomalies.
Hot Sale Full Auto Strong Current Generator, Output Current 0-1000A
Hot Sale Full Auto Strong Current Generator, Output Current 0-1000A
Hot Sale Full Auto Strong Current Generator, Output Current 0-1000A

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