Ah3513 Linear Switch Output Hall Effect IC

1 Features and Benefits△ Operating voltage range: 3.5 ~ 10.5V△ Rail to Rail voltage output△ Rated output current: 6 mA△ Stable switching signal without mechanical contact and spark△ High reliability and safety without shaking moment△ TO-92UA and SOT23-3L package options△ Developed accord

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1 Features and Benefits
△ Operating voltage range: 3.5 ~ 10.5V
△ Rail to Rail voltage output
△ Rated output current: 6 mA
△ Stable switching signal without mechanical contact and spark
△ High reliability and safety without shaking moment
△ TO-92UA and SOT23-3L package options
△ Developed according to the EU RoHS and REACH

2 Application Examples
△ Automotive electronics, Consumer electronics and Industrial electronics
△ Brake light wake-up switch
△ Electronic steering column lock
△ Door latch system
△ BLDC Encoder
△ Sunroof/Tailgate opener
△ Transmission applications
△ Electrical power steering

The AH3513 is an analog signal output Hall IC, the output voltage changes with the changes of magnetic field. It has built-in circuit units such as reverse voltage protector, voltage regulator, temperature compensation circuit, Hall voltage generator, signal amplifier, etc. The high performance voltage regulator and temperature compensation circuit ensure that the sensor operates steadily over a wide range of voltages, and the reverse
voltage protection circuit prevents the sensor from being damaged by the reverse voltage.
The AH3513 is produced with BCD technology. It is available in two package types: SOT-23-3L (Type M) and TO-92UA (Type UA). Each package is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin plated leadframes.
TypeManufacturing TechniquesOutput StatePackingSupply Curent
Operating Voltage
Linear Area
Operating Temperature
AH3503BipolarAnalog outputSOT23/TO92613.5~6.515.25-80~+80-40~85
AH3513BCDAnalog outputSOT23/TO92613.5~10.515.25-150~+150-40~125
AH3515BCDAnalog outputSOT23/TO92613.5~10.525.25-76~+76-40~125
AH3517BCDAnalog outputSOT23/TO92613.5~10.531.25-60~+60-40~125
AH3519BCDAnalog outputSOT23/TO92613.5~10.551.25-37~+37-40~125

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